What is I Will Solve?

If you have a great idea to solve a problem in India, you’ve come to the right place. Exclusively for minds associated with the IITs and IIMs, I Will Solve gives you the chance to present your ideas to the Hon’ble PM of India.
This is how I-Will-Solve works:
  1. You give your basic contact details and select which IIT/IIM you’ve been part of
  2. You select a domain for your idea and provide us the specific problem you want to solve in this domain
    -For example, if you chose Indian Railways as the domain, the specific problem can be efficient ticketing or cleanliness in trains or preventing delays of trains.
  3. You share with us the solution to that problem briefly
  4. We publish this valuable compendium of selected ideas as a book, with due credit to you
  5. We present this book to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
  6. We get you in touch with Ministries/Industry/Entrepreneurs who are interested in your idea for implementation

Who are we?

We are students at IIM Ahmedabad, part of Team Amaethon 2016 (www.iimaamaethon.com), IIM Ahmedabad's International Food, Agribusiness, and Rural Development Summit. I Will Solve is an endeavour to unite the IIT/IIM fraternity to directly contribute to national progress.

We need your support!

IWillSolve.in and Amaethon 2016 are initiatives by student teams at IIM Ahmedabad endorsed by the institute. We require funds and support to materialize this idea. If you like this endeavour and wish to contribute in any way possible, please drop a mail to amaethon@iimahd.ernet.in and our team will get back to you.

Let's Solve!

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